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The new technology in floor finishes for the last decade has been coming from Europe and the United States. Products that are still used in Australia and some Developing nations, do not comply with accepted international standards.

What we are doing here at Creative Timber Floors is applying products in homes that will not off-gas, unlike most currently used products in Australia. Plant Based Oils and Waterborne polyurethanes have come a long way in the last 25 years today you can get a 15 year ware resistant warranty with some products (residential only). 

In Australia we talk about staying green, keeping green and doing the right thing for the environment! The thing we forget about the most is our health when some of these products are applied in our homes. A basic three bedroom home may cost you around $300 to $500 more in materials, (this is not profit but actual cost related to the quality of the product). There's also a product that fills cracks it's mixed with sawdust we get from your floor. Bona Mix & Fill it's hard work to apply but it looks great. 

We educate our children in schools to be healthy and green. Our company supports this in the home!
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